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This blog once bore the name 'EDL Extra'. I supported the EDL until 2012. As the reader will see, the last post which supports the EDL dates back to 2012. This blog, nonetheless, retains the former web address.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Unite Against Fascism is the Socialist Workers Party

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is a group of Trotskyist, Islamist and Communist thugs, as well as violent revolutionaries and Islamic radicals - with very close links to the Socialist Workers Party (which supports the terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas) which whips up race hatred against white people, class hatred, and Islamist violence against non-Muslims.

These thugs spread fear and terror when they have rampaged through Birmingham, Bolton and London recently. They used baseball bats, bricks and attacked shoppers and non-Muslims in the streets of Leicester, Birmingham and London.

When some locals tried to stop them they were called ‘Islamophobes’, ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’ and then they were attacked.

Don’t believe UAF/SWP’s lies when it claims to be a ‘peaceful group’ opposed to ‘Islamophobic extremism’.

It is nothing of the sort. UAF/SWP is a group of violent Trotskyists and Islamist bigots that wants to intimidate and attack all non-Muslims (black, brown and white) and non-revolutionaries (as well as Jews).

They should not be allowed to counter-demonstrate against the EDL.

Join EDL protests to show these Islamists and revolutionary Trotskyists that they are not welcome anywhere in the UK..


  1. That means that David Cameron supports the SWP, as he is a supporter of UAF!!

  2. I am against fascism and I'm pretty sure I'm not a Communist thug, I just think it is important to speak out against extreme right wing elements in our country as it is a simplistic and damaging worldview, just as extreme leftism is.