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Monday, 6 December 2010

Sharia Acid Attacks on Muslim Women

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  1. When acid is thrown, the attacker typically does not wish his or her victim dead, instead the intent is to mar the victim's face forever.

    These brave survivors have spoken out against these gruesome crimes with their participation in this photography.

    Another survivor, Tat Marina, narrates her story in the documentary Finding Face created by SpinFilm.

    The film portrays this scene: Shoppers and vendors swarmed around Tat Marina as strangers beat her to the ground in a crowded Phnom Penh marketplace. She felt as if her assailants had dowsed her head with water, but as the liquid they had thrown settled, it began to rapidly burn the flesh off her face. The substance was actually nitric acid. Within minutes, Marina’s face had melted.

    Marina’s attack was an act of revenge. She was only 16 at the time, and had become romantically involved with Svay Sitha, the powerful Undersecretary of State in Cambodia. His wife, Khoun Sophal, discovered the affair and perpetrated the assault. The documentary details the her family members’ disparate responses to the fact that Marina’s attackers have never been arrested and there has never been justice in her case.

    To see the film trailer, go to

    Your post is a reminder that by visualizing this issue we can bring justice to its survivors.