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Monday, 20 December 2010

A Salute to the EDL from an American Newbie

- By The Jay Man

Hello and best wishes from the USA.

May I say that for years, a number of us in the US have looked at England and the UK with sorrow; having seen the courts and ruling judiciary types deprive the citizens of
i) their rights to self-defense (even to carrying a pocket knife),
ii) their freedom to fly their own national flag for fear of 'offending' some xxxxxxx scum,
iii) their desires to restrict immigration, and in fact,
iv) the rights to live as free men and women.
And, rather, turned the citizens into unarmed subjects of a politically correct, iron-fisted nanny-state.

And I say that we were sad - for we remembered England giving the West the rule of law and the sense of fairness and justice upon which our own country was founded.
But we had seen the Muzzies turning your beautiful land into their version of a third world hellhole, in which
i) free speech was denied,
ii) sharia law was being put into place,
iii) women abused and terrorized,
iv) and the officials, law enforcement, court systems and educators all bowed down to the demands of insane followers of a false and murderous religion.
Yet after seeing a few of the EDL's marches and demonstrations, we have hope, again, for Albion. For the sons and daughters of Great Britain. By standing up unashamed and unapologetic, speaking out for your heritage and your culture, by refusing to give in, no matter the odds, it is you and you alone who inspire us to hope that again, someday soon, God willing, you may sing Rule Britannia loudly, and fly your flag proudly, with a nod and a 'by your leave' to no one.
As you have seen the attacks on your liberty and your religion in years past, so have we seen it mounting here in the USA. Often we are forsaken by corrupt politicians and judges who care neither for God nor man, but only seek favor with Muslims.

So we do have our own battles ahead. Yet we vow to remain steadfast to our founders, come what may. And it is encouraging to know that, once again, our cousins across the sea, are also forming a resistance which will one day see the world acknowledge England, not as 'the land of Londonistan' but as the England of old, a united kingdom which stands against the forces of oppression and darkness.

So - thank you. Thank you one and all. Please, follow the words of your Winston Churchill:

Never, never, ever give up. Victory is yours. Claim it.

With all best wishes,

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