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Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Racist Far Left: How the Brown Exotic Loves Having a Cliterodectomy

Let's say it how it is.

Burkas are bad for Western non-Muslim women (members of the SWP and lecturers) but OK for brown Muslims. That’s PC and leftist racism. It has even gone further than that. A few English councils are reported to have ignored cases of domestic cliterodectomy operations in UK cities and towns. Social workers and others have ignored these cases because they didn’t want to be ‘culturally insensitive’ to ‘Islamic culture’. Yet if non-Muslim white women had had cliterodectomies, these women would be seen as victims and the act itself would be seen as an abomination. So it’s OK for brown Muslim women in other countries, and even in the UK, to suffer cliterodectomies because it is ‘part of their culture’ (like head-hunting).

Yet cliterodectomy either is an abomination or it isn’t. It can’t be a case of its being an abomination in Islington’s lecturers’ district and yet be OK in Timbuktu or even in Sparkbrook or Manningham. That would be racism.

Of course it is the same with the burka. Do some PC-ers and leftists think that the burka is a sexist and oppressive item of clothing when worn by white non-Muslim women, but it suddenly becomes non-sexist and non-oppressive if a brown Muslim wears it? Pure racism again. However, because of the obvious hypocrisy which would be involved in rejecting burkas for non-Muslim Western women but not brown Muslims, it would be hard to defend such a position. So instead imagine what would have happened if in the 1970s, before Islamophilia and Islamophobia took off, a non-Muslim white woman from Islington began to wear the burka for all the reasons that Muslim women wear them. Western feminists and non-feminists would have been outraged at that time by its sexism and oppressiveness because this would have been before they had to watch their words and thoughts just in case they came across as Islamophobic or ‘culturally insensitive’. Because they hadn’t come across or thought about the burka before, they would have seen it for what it is. But now, of course, after thirty years of political correctness and leftist indoctrination, even the sexist and oppressive can become non-sexist and non-oppressive. Such is the absurd and perverse logic of our PC and leftist age.

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