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Wednesday, 1 December 2010



1 December, 2010


Islamophobia, anti-racism — Andy Newman @ 4:42 pm

Defend Diversity - oppose Islamophobia and Racism

One Society Many Cultures Conference:
Saturday 11 December
Mary Ward House
5/7 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9SN
Register your place here now

Speakers include: Ken Livingstone; Doreen Lawrence OBE; Shabana Mahmood Shadow Home Office Minister; Jean Lambert MEP; Claude Moraes MEP; Lisa Nandy MP; Jack Dromey MP; Hywel William MP - Plaid Cymru; Talha Jamil Ahmad - Muslim Council of Britain; Anas Altikriti Spokesperson, British Muslim Initiative; Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC; Christine Blower General Secretary, National Union of Teachers; Kay Carberry Assistant General Secretary, TUC; Rt. Rev. Stephen Cottrell The Bishop of Chelmsford; Dr. Edie Friedman Executive Director, Jewish Council for Racial Equality; Dr. Jonathan Githens-Mazer Co-Director, European Muslim Research Centre (EMRC); Martin Smith Love Music Hate Racism; Billy Hayes General Secretary, Communication Workers Union; London Citizens; Bruce Kent Vice President, Pax Christi; Peter Oborne - Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator; Salma Yaqoob

Discussions include:

•Opposing all forms of racism and prejudice
•Defending freedom of thought, conscience, religious and cultural expression
•Celebrating diversity
•Challenging rising Islamophobia
•Stop the growth of the British National Party and the English Defence League

This conference will look at the rise of Islamophobia and racism we see taking place across Europe. It took hundreds of years to establish our fundamental human rights and freedoms including the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and cultural expression. It is these universal rights that form the basis of an open, diverse and liberal society. Across Europe we are seeing a rolling back of this and a rise in the election of extreme right-wing parties, bans on religious dress and an major increase in fascist, racist demonstrations on the streets. This timely conference will discuss the challenges we face and look at how together we can build strong support for diversity and multiculturalism.

Register your place for the conference now, here.


‘Islamophobia’ = blasphemy

‘hate crimes’ = laws used to silence criticism of Islam, the Koran and Muslims
The Racial and Religious Hatred Act (2006) = an act/law to silence criticism of Islam, the Koran, Mohammed and Muslims

United Nations legislation (sponsored by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
= legislation to stop the criticism of Islam, the Koran and Muslims

The EDL is going to fight against these laws and ultimately ignore them. We must not be taken back to the period when religion was untouchable. The implementation of these laws in the UK would amount to the sharia-isation or Islamification of our democratic and free society. We must not let this happen.

In Islamic countries, in the last 1,400 years, there has been a tradition which disallows all criticism of Islam, the Koran and Mohammed. The UK is not an Islamic country! Indeed, this absolute lack of criticism, as well as laws against apostasy, largely accounts for the one billion Muslims in the world today. The UK is not part of this Islamic world and never will be.

The EDL says: No surrender. Ever.

*) Support the Sandwell (Birmingham) one! Islamists burn people. This school kid only burned the Koran.

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