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Friday, 17 December 2010

No Surrender? - the Appeasement of Islam

- From the West, Islam and Sharia blog

Recently, I read the 2010 paperback edition of Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom... author Bruce Bawer...

But should we submit? Appease? Sacrifice our freedoms?

Here are my 10 it-made-me-think quotes from Surrender.

1. On America’s long battle against Islamofascism (p. 3):

America’s very first foreign conflict after the Revolutionary War was with the Barbary pirates, who, sponsored by the Muslim governments of North Africa – just as terrorist groups today enjoy the sponsorship of countries like Libya, Iran, and Syria – had for generations been preying on European ships and selling their crews and passengers into slavery.

2. On old customs, new methods (p. 4):

Today, piracy; tomorrow, terrorism.

3. On how multiculturalism weakens us against radical Islam (p. 21):

No aspect of Western democracy is more anathema to the multicultural mentality than free speech. For multiculturalism encourages self-censorship and the condemnation of “insensitive” utterances – especially utterances that are perceived as potentially offensive to some protected group.

4. On enablers in the War on Terrorism (p. 65):

And who’s in the driver’s seat? The media.

How do the media help the jihadists? The easiest move is simply not to report on jihadist actions at all – or to report on them while concealing their jihadist nature.

5. On rescuing the West (p. 104):

If the West is saved from jihad, it will be largely the result of the inhibited nature of free speech on the Internet.

6. On anti-blog critics (p. 104):

The standard response of many mainstream journalists to the entire phenomenon of blogging has been to dismiss its practitioners as substandard and unreliable. On the contrary, the best blogs have shown over and over again just how unreliable the mainstream media often is, and how useful an independent corrective can be.

7. On submitting to Islam on campus (p.169):

Nowhere in the Western world today is multiculturalism more deeply rooted, dhimmiitude more prevalent, and free speech more imperiled than on university campuses.

8. On free-speech issues on campus (p.170):

American institutions of higher education exalt diversity – but not ideological diversity. Many students are intensely aware of their obligations under the speech codes of the institutions they attend but ignorant of their free-speech rights under the U.S. Constitution.

9. On double-standards (p. 183):

It should be noted that a few days after Ahmadinejad was greeted respectfully at Columbia, the anti-Islamist writer David Horowitz was hounded off a stage at Emory University.

10. On Obama’s response to the jihad-inspired Fort Hood massacre (p.287):

For the President of the United States to leaven his public tribute to Hasan’s victim’s with a pathetic effort to exculpate Islam was not only morally despicable: it was chilling in its wholesale denial of the fundamental reality of what had happened at Fort Hood as well as of the guiding ideology of the enemy that confronts the West both at home and abroad.

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