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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

'ISLAMOPHOBIA': See no Islamic Evil. Hear No Islamic Evil. Report on no Islamic Evil.

‘Islamophobia’ = blasphemy

‘hate crimes’ = laws used to silence criticism of Islam, the Koran and Muslims
the Racial and Religious Hatred Act (2006) = an act/law to silence criticism of Islam, the Koran, Mohammed and Muslims

United Nations legislation (sponsored by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
= legislation to stop the criticism of Islam, the Koran and Muslims
The EDL is going to fight against these laws and ultimately ignore them. We must not be taken back to the period when religion was untouchable. The implementation of these laws in the UK would amount to the sharia-isation or Islamification of our democratic and free society. We must not let this happen.

In Islamic countries, in the last 1,400 years, there has been a tradition which disallows all criticism of Islam, the Koran and Mohammed. The UK is not an Islamic country! Indeed, this absolute lack of criticism, as well as laws against apostasy, largely accounts for the one billion Muslims in the world today. The UK is not part of this Islamic world and never will be.

The EDL says: No surrender. Ever.

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