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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Islamists Kill Pakistani Leftists.

It's only a matter of time before the Islamists start to murder their leftist enablers here in the UK. I promise that the EDL won't say: We told you so!

Still, middle-class Trots have their racist dreams of the incorruptible and forever-oppressed Brown Exotic. And after learning about what happened to Marxists in Pakistan long before these recent events, and in Algeria, and in Egypt, and in Iran – you’d think the gullible Commies and Trots would have learnt a lesson.

Is it just a case that the world is still refusing to abide by Marxist theory?


From the Tendance Coatesy blog

Communist Party of Pakistan strongly condemns the audacious targeted killing of Comrade Latifullah khan, member CPP in village Gandigar, District Dir, Pukhtoonkhwa province.

Since the start of Taliban and fanatics insurgency in the province of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa (ex. NWFP), a holocaust of the enlightened and educated people is underway through a very wicked planning.

Unfortunately this area is intentionally kept backward in education and development of infrastructure at one hand due to the sheer oblivion of the state, to which the rise in Islamic fanaticism and jingoism has highly contributed ,which was once sponsored by the state of Pakistan through its international donors from Saudi Arabia and USA and allied countries to hamper the proliferation of Marxist ideologies in the region .

The recent insurgency of Taliban in the region since last year has caused destruction of over 1100 schools and educational institution in the area , school teachers and school going children are mercilessly targeted and killed in a large number on daily basis .

Comrade Latifullah khan ,who was only about 36 years old and belonged to District Dir upper ,an educationist by profession and the only one enlightened person in this department as the rest ,whole lot overwhelmingly consist of fanatic Jumatislami obscurants . Comrade Latifullah was an active progressive student leader and was member of the district cell of the progressive Pukhtoonkhwa front ( its is to be noted that due to high sensitivity and backlash for using the name of Communist Party of Pakistan , CPP ,CC had indorsed exceptionally for Pukhtoonkhwa this covert name ,of which comrade Dr Shafiq Ahmad had been Secretary ). (Monday, 29 November 2010 13:42 from Here. )

This is not the first killing of Pakistani leftists. It adds to the murder By Islamists (whether ‘Taliban’ or from other groups) of a variety of people, from opponents to Christians. There are equally inter-Muslim killings, between Shia and Sunnis. (here).

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