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Tuesday, 21 December 2010



From the website, The Cultic and Beastly Nature of Islam
Many Muslims celebrate the death of anyone that is not a Muslim and bewail Muslim deaths only.

But only Muslim deaths that are believed to be caused by non-Muslims. They constantly rail about the Iraq situation and how coalition forces have caused civilian deaths, yet conveniently ignore the fact that Islamicists are deliberately targeting civilians every day with bombs.

They whine about Muslims on the West Bank being shot for having tried to launch rockets, or something, because they were shot by Jews yet conveniently ignore the thousands of deaths in Algeria where islamicists kill other Muslims on a much greater scale.

This selective approach to injustice shows that they are deliberately generating a sense of grievance and injustice because they are a hate filled and fractious group.

They create no go areas around their mosques. The wail and screech of the Muslim call to prayer five times a day from before dawn to late at night makes any non-Muslims move. It is not integration. It is ETHNIC CLEANSING.

Islam excludes all other religions. It hates them. Witness the Taliban blowing the historic giant Buddha statues at Bamyan. All the Buddhists in the area had been killed and enslaved to Islam centuries ago, but they still continue with their extermination of all trace of the native beliefs.

Muslim areas in the west are characterised by higher than normal filthy areas where rats breed. Often householders just dump their rubbish in the back alleys despite a collection service. Muslim youth are infamous throughout Europe as credit card fraudsters, sources of heroin and car thieves. Muslim youths tend to target indigenous people’s businesses such as pubs and bookmakers and other non-Islamic business to drive them out of Muslim areas. Single women are often raped or robbed.

It is not integration.


Wherever Muslims breed, they assail other faiths and religions - making more demands. The church doors in places like Bethlehem are given a folksy spin as to the reasons why they are so small.

One explanation is that you have to bow as you enter the place of worship. But the real reason that the doors were made smaller was to stop the Muslims on horses riding into the churches and having them defecate on the floor and other descrations.

The Muslims scream if they think a Koran has been badly treated. This is their ultimate exclusion. A book is worth more than the life of a non-Muslim. They supposedly respect the Bible yet when terrorists used them as toilet paper in the church of the Nativity, there was no outcry there.

And today, if the Saudis find a bible, they desecrate and destroy it. Christain Filipino workers are imprisoned if they catch them praying and often flogged and killed on slight pretexts. Islamic religious police beat anyone they suspect of not adhereing to Islamic laws.

A common response by Muslims to questions about religious hatred in Islam is to suggest the Crusades.

Well the crusades didn’t arise from nothing; but were a response to the cruelty and depredations that Muslims inflicted upon pilgrims of other faiths. There are accounts of this in historical documents before any crusade had taken place. The Pope asked for a crusade as a response to Islamic terror.

If you care to research the pilgrim accounts of the time, you will find the pilgrims being preyed upon by the Mohammedons. The revisionist historians claim it was a time that all faiths lived in peace, but it wasn’t. Non-Muslims were subject to jizrah, a special and crippling tax and were like Jews in Nazi Germany, subject to abuse and slavery.

And neither is whining about crusades a real defence. It’s as if I ask you why you like to kill people and you scream about my great great great (say two hundred times) grandfather who may have hurt someone.

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