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Friday, 31 December 2010

Gloomy Predictions


- By mardi 6 juillet, 2010, from the blog, Imnokuffar

I just read an article that is very gloomy about the chances of Western civilisation and Christianity surviving the Muslim invasion. Here is my reply.

A very interesting and concise argument, if somewhat based on the concept of predestination. You give the Muslims far more credit than they deserve. You completely ignore the rising tide of Nationalist sentiment and knowledge of the true nature of Islam in the West. Not all of the West has fallen under the spell of Islam nor have they fallen for the lies and Dawah/Taquia.
It's a given that the Muslims will at some time in the near future commit more atrocities in Western capitals, they will not be able to stop themselves despite everything specified in their various terror manuals and the voices in their midst that counsel caution and cunning. When this happens and the usual excuses are rolled out by the MSM, the Left and the Muslims, I do not believe they will have any credibility left with increasing numbers of ordinary people who will turn to the Nationalist community both for support and guidance.

Western Europeans also have a great appetite for vengeance when they feel (even mistakenly in the case of the Jews) that they have been misled. You also miss out on the fact that western European nations have standing and well-equipped armies who have been fighting against the Muslims and are well aware of the capabilities and tactics.

There is also a rising tide of resentment against the increasing concentration of Muslims in specific areas within the capital cities of Europe and their arrogance and sense of entitlement.

This concentration can be viewed as a strength in one way and a weakness in another. Basically they will be easier to target when the time comes. When the Islamists say that they want all the Jews to emigrate to Israel so they can kill them all at the same time, they forget that they are equally vulnerable.

Finally, the article seems to be defeatist. Does the writer actually think that the Nationalists will stand idly by and let this scenario unfold without doing anything about it? Just recently there was a coming together in Europe of various Nationalist parties who no doubt will be discussing the subjects portrayed by the author. I predict that there will spring up in the not too distant future counter-jihad groups who will repay every atrocity with violence against the Ummah. This will be a sad indictment on Western governments as these people will be driven by anger and despair at the non-actions of the political elites, the lies of the MSM, the Dawah of the Muslims and the complicity of the the Liberal/Marxist axis in promoting the downfall of Western Civilisation. This fight has just begun, the author should note this fact.

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  1. The lefty useful idiots have submitted and clearly the writer is of that ilk and has also given in.

    But let us not mistake the greater mass of people who do NOT read the shite that is the grauniad or admire the former Soviet Union and Pol Pot!

    A Happy New Year to you all, and bring it on!!

    We are the majority and WE WILL NOT SURRENDER, EVER!!!