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Monday, 20 December 2010

Fears raised over extremist activity on Luton University site

- By Lui Straccia, from Luton on Sunday, 20.12.2010

Muslim extremists were trying to recruit students outside the University of Bedfordshire more than a year ago – but police were powerless to stop them.

On Monday it emerged that last weekend’s Stockholm suicide bomber Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly had graduated with a BSc in sports therapy from the University of Luton.

Abdulwahab, 28, lived in Argyll Avenue, Luton, and was enrolled between 2001 and 2004, and British security services are trying to establish whether he was radicalised while he studied there.

While the university this week strenuously denied any cases of extremist activity ever having taken place on its campus, our sister paper Luton & Dunstable Express published a story in October 2009 revealing Muslim radicals were trying to recruit students outside its main entrance during Freshers’ Week.

Around 15 extremists, some of whom had branded soldiers ‘baby-killers’ and spat at them during the Royal Anglian Regiment’s homecoming parade in Luton town centre in March that year, set up two stalls outside the campus in Park Street and handed out leaflets, some of which showed a placard depicting former US President George Bush below a headline ‘Terrorist Murderer’.

In the House of Commons on Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “If we are frank on both sides of the House, we have not done enough to deal with the promotion of extremist Islamism in our own country.

“Whether it is making sure that imams coming over to this country can speak English properly, or whether it is making sure that we de-radicalise our universities, we have to take a range of further steps, and I am going to be working hard to make sure that we do.”

A police spokesman said: “Bedfordshire Police have a team of people who work together with all members of our organisation to coordinate community activities to safeguard individuals, build resilience within communities against violent extremism and radicalisation and who all work towards community cohesion.

“We continue to undertake work under the national Prevent agenda with our partner agencies and members of all communities to address any type of extremism that may have an impact on Luton or Bedfordshire.”

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  1. This or any UK gov. will continue to do nothing but give these people more money - jizya - and talk. Appeasing scum!!