Wednesday, 8 December 2010

EDL Peterborough Promo Video - 11th of December 2010

Video by the EDL's wookie533


  1. its about time the english people are doing something if you keep it up you can save your country. i,m a orignal sikh i respect united kingdom and english. if any sikhs take muslims sides they are not sikhs they should convert into islam we sikhs do,nt want them. edl carry on with your hard work and putting your pressure on them couse muslims are feeling it. they should go to paki land where they belong. we dont want them here in the uk.

  2. these pakis have no shame every where they go they want to take over if a white or sikh go,s through muslim area pakis do attack them . enough is enough. they do convert white vunrable girls into islam by false love and money they did that with hindu women 500 yrs ago. thats why the sikhs chopped them up. history is coming back. sikhs and english are one allways have been and allway will be.people have to obey english laws if they want to live here. they think its pakistan fucked up people.