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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Defence Leagues Participate in Counterjihad Paris Mega Conference


By Aeneas • on December 20, 2010, from the International Civil Liberties Alliance blog

Delegates from the English Defence League (EDL) joined other activists in Paris on 18 December for the most important and well-attended Counterjihad conference to date. We are told that the venue capacity was around 800 and there were easily that many in the conference hall, with many more having unfortunately to be turned away due to the capacity of the venue. The live feed of the conference also received around 300,000 hits. This level of interest illustrates quite clearly how fed up the French people are with regard to Islamisation and the gradual imposition of sharia norms by the ruling class.

Due to last minute complications, EDL leader Tommy Robinson was unable to attend and deliver his speech as planned. However, other EDL delegates were present and Tommy will be receiving a detailed briefing of the day’s events. There was a great deal of networking and planning and there were many opportunities to speak with individuals and explain the EDL mission and the EDL’s interest in working with others from across Europe and the world.

The Defence League speaker at the conference was Timo from the Dutch Defence League (DDL), with whom the EDL worked closely with regard to the Amsterdam demonstration. Timo represented the interests of the Defence Leagues admirably at the conference and put the DDL on the international Counterjihad map. The DDL has pledged to send around 45 activists to support the EDL demonstration in Luton on Saturday 5 February 2011. It is also likely that groups from France and Germany will now attend the Luton event to show solidarity with the EDL and its message.

The EDL was represented at the dinner for Counterjihad leaders in the evening following the conference. It was good to make new contacts from across Europe and North America. There was considerable interest in the EDL and its street activism. It was a good opportunity for groups from a wide range of countries to compare their approaches, to consider blending their approaches with those of other groups, and to plan and strategise for the future.

The dinner was effectively an informal mini-conference for leaders and was used as an opportunity to formulate co-ordinated plans for future activism. The Counterjihad now has the makings of an integrated plan for Europe that will reveal itself in the coming months. 2011 promises to be a significant year for the European Counterjihad and mechanisms are now in place to ensure unprecedented success.

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