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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The EDL is Rising and Rising

- By the EDL's Bleeding_Through

The French revolution came from the bottom up. And I feel the EDL is picking up pace. I think what is being achieved through the EDL, and also through political parties such as UKIP, is effectively a universal version of nationalism without the usual racist doctrine seen with neo-Nazis and the BNP - one of the reasons those groups and parties (within this country) have never taken a foothold.

Now we look at the EDL; which grew so rapidly and bigger than any neo-Nazi org. Or UKIP, which came 4th in the last local elections, and I believe beat labour in terms of actual votes (correct me if I’m wrong). What this says is: the mainstream is failing to address the concerns of the people. And in the past there has been a reluctant mentality of whether it’s either the "mainstream or the extreme". Now we have such groups to join and associate with it is no wonder they are growing at such a fast rate. Now this either means the mainstream will be forced to listen, or they themselves will at some point lose power.

And if by some miracle, the political elite try and subdue this from the top down. Well, as we have seen, the British people aren’t up for taking it anymore. You can only be pushed so much - before it’s enough.

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  1. G-d be with you in all you do.

    All the best with your rally on Saturday

    Shalom from 'down under'