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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wolverhampton mobilise against the English Defence League

One word for this shallow piece of shit from Socialist Worker: what a shallow piece of shit. Is that the best they can do - accuse the EDL of being 'racist'? Any evidence? Any argument? Any explanation? No. Nothing. This is always the case for the First-Year-Student SWP. Get out of Marx's old-fashioned arsehole and start saying things which people outside your incestuous group may actually understand. You are beginning to bore everyone - which is something you've always done. Wanna buy a Socialist Worker? No. I'd rather fuck a pig!


The racist English Defence League (EDL) turned up in Wolverhampton last Saturday morning hoping to pedal their garbage to shoppers in the town.

There was a good turn out of local anti-racist campaigners against them.

The EDL were penned between a statue and a few shopfronts, making virtually no contact with local people.

Dudley Unite Against Fascism


  1. These low lives remind me of what was happening during the Yom Kippur war in Israel, when all those Arab armies attacked Israel on their holliest day, thinking they would be able to win the war.

    During the following days of combat, the Arab armies were tellign their people (in their countries) that they were winning the war, that they were massacring the Jews, etc. But when the Jews won, they were totally demoralized.

    They were lying all the way through, in the hope that their lies became true.

    Failed. ;)

  2. Exactly Emaleth! When reality hits, they are NOTHING!!