Saturday, 20 November 2010

Will the Police Ban Both the EDL and Muslims Against Crusades (MAC)?

What I expect may happen in the near future.

Since Nick Lowles, of Searchlight and Hope Not Hate, has called Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) 'extremists' too - the 'flip side of the EDL', it may happen that the police will ban MAC and then the EDL - both to quell the outrage from Muslims/leftists if they only banned MAC and to have a good excuse for banning the EDL.
If they ban MAC extremists, it's only fair that they ban the EDL extremists. This would be very clever on the police's part; except for the fact that the EDL has already documented it here.
Of course, the EDL could simply re-form under a different name, as MAC and other Islamist groups have often done! No surrender!

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  1. The police works for us, British Citizens, not for the scum MAC. The home office should deport those infidels pieces of shit.