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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

UAF/SWP Tries to Side with the State and the Police Against the EDL

Far leftists who hate and want to destroy the Government and police call on the Government and the police to ban or destroy the EDL! In addition, the far left which hates and despises capitalists and the 'petite bourgeoisie' come to their defence over loosing ONE DAY's takings during the EDL's protest. Hypocrites!

The recent report from Nuneaton News reveals that Saturday’s hooligan excursion by the English Defence League cost traders half a million pounds in lost takings:

On what should have been one of the busiest retail days in the run-up to Christmas, town centre stores and market traders suffered heavily as a result of the controversial demonstration and march.

Early indications are that around half a million pound in revenue was lost on the day, but that shocking figure could rise further.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council leader, councillor Dennis Harvey, told the News that the event had a `disastrous effect’ on the town centre.

“There were building societies closed and one business was completely boarded-up in Church Street, it has obviously had a disastrous effect on the town, and the market traders had a very bad day in terms of trade,” Cllr Harvey said.

“We are just hoping and praying that this is the last time they come here.” Alan Ottey, town centres manager, added: “We have lost a lot of money, I don’t know about footfall figures yet but I think we lost about half a million pound on Saturday.

“We average between 28,000 and 30,000 people in the town on a Saturday and that figure was way, way down on the day.

“Economically it has been a big blow to businesses as well as the market traders. But I would like to say a big `thank you’ to those traders who came on the day as well as the businesses, who were very supportive, they had a great amount of confidence in the policing operation and it proved to be right.”

There is a democratic obligation to allow legitimate expression of political dissent [BUT!]; but the EDL are not a political organisation in that sense; they are hiding behind the cloak of democratic rights in order to build a street fighting organisation of thugs and hooligans. Their objective is not to persuade, but to terrorise and intimidate.

The government and the police need to get a firm grip on the situation [ban the EDL].

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  1. Have these dhimmi fools bothered to ask the pubs how they did? I bet they had a fantastic day!

    The others are just jealous!