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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

UAF/SWP Islam-Enablers or Islam-Suckers

- By the EDL's Shlemmo

I have a question about the UAF. It is something that I’m struggling to get my head around after watching the programme Coppers [on Channel Four] last night.

Do they actually know what they are protesting against? One muppet on there said:

‘I don’t know what the UK and the EDL have against sharia law. This is a free country.’ [Then why is he fighting to destroy it?]

I struggle to see where he is coming from. He was saying this with a face full of piercings and his arm around a girl. Doesn't he realise that if Sharia law was imposed in this country that this girlfriend of his would be indoors or have her face covered up and he would not be allowed simple things like piercings?

Just something I find difficult to work out - as they clearly have no idea what they are against. It's like they are trying to seal their own fate.

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