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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Trots, UAF and Searchlight Patronise Muslims

Unite Against Fascism is an anti-fascist organisation in the United Kingdom that campaigns against right wing and fascist organisations in Britain.

It is against all examples of fascism except brown fascism, black fascism, Islamo-fascism, Arab fascism, red fascism and other such fascisms. It says that ‘brown oppressed people can never be fascist or racist’ and that ‘only white people can be fascists and racists’ (the Israelis are ‘white’). Commentators have responded by saying that ‘the SWP red fascists are white’. The leader of UAF replied to this by saying that ‘white people are brown and black if they are fighting for oppressed brown and black people’.

All this is pure racism. Patronising brown Muslims. Saying they can't be racist or fascist simply because they are brown and part of the platonic Oppressed. Do Muslims actually realise how these Trots are patronising them? Saying that you are incapable of morality. Saying that, because you are brown and Muslim, you can do things no white person would ever be allowed to do.

Don't you Muslims realise that the SWP have exactly the same patronising attitude to the Brown Exotic as the British Empire had? Though this time they think they are on the side of the Muslims. They are still patronising Muslims. Still trying to make them take part in a Trot Revolution that has nothing to do with anyone outside UK universities and the LSE.

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