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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

'Suspected East Midlands bomb mastermind was a guest at University of Nottingham'

[The This is Nottingham article follows the comment; after the dotted line.]

If there were any places friendly to Islamists, and even Islamoterrorists, they would be the universities of the UK. With their many Islamist groups at many universities, as well as the SWP students who work in the role as Muslim/Islamic enablers.

Indeed, many university students, as well as some professors and lecturers, have a case of severe double standards. White violence and murder, or the platonic Oppressor's violence and murder (you know, America, the UK, etc.) is bad violence and bad murder. Whereas the Brown- Exotic's violence and murder, or the murders and violence of the platonic Oppressed, is good violence and good murder. Racism!

Thus it is not much of a surprise that the Unity of Nottingham hosted an Islamist preacher, Anwar al-Awlaki, with his known connections to both terrorists and their actual bombings. Of course, at universities, even if you as much as hand-out a BNP or EDL leaflet, you will be publicly crucified by the students' union.
Of course, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies said that ‘al-Awlaki did not express extremist views at the time’. The logic here is simple. He didn’t express extremists views because to many Muslim, and to all Islamists, terrorist bombings and assassinations of American soldiers are not seen as extremist acts. They are to non-Muslims; but not to Muslims. For Muslims, such acts of violent jihad are ‘retaliations’ or ‘interventions’ – paybacks for the evils committed by the kuffar on poor defenseless Muslims, whether in Hamas’s Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq or wherever else Muslims play the Victim Card - even when they are nearly always the aggressor.

It doesn’t matter that the authorities at the University of Nottingham didn’t know about the Government’s ‘restrictions’ on al-Awlaki; they should not have allowed an extreme Islamist to speak anyway. After all, every university in the UK has a ‘no platform policy’ for the BNP. Or do all these restrictions and student edicts only apply to those on the Right? Of course they do!


- From the Nottingham Post

A PREACHER, who is a high-profile member of the terror group thought to be behind the cargo bomb plot, was a guest speaker at a University of Nottingham conference.

Anwar al-Awlaki is part of the Yemen-based al-Qaeda group which is believed to be responsible for the cartridge bomb removed from a plane at East Midlands Airport.

Seven years ago, he was a guest speaker at the Federation of Student Islamic Societies' (FOSIS) annual conference, which attracted 380 students to the University of Nottingham. But FOSIS, the representative body for the 130 university Islamic societies across the UK, said that al-Awlaki did not express extremist views at the time.

And a University of Nottingham spokesman said it was not aware of any restrictions placed on him by the UK government when he spoke in the city.

Last week a student, radicalised after watching online sermons by al-Awlaki, was jailed for life for attempted murder.

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  1. Another excellent reason for our children and young people NOT to choose a so-called "university": the islamo-communist brainwashing you illustrate brilliantly above.

    Let us encourage our children into work: if they wish to study they can go to the Open University, which as far as I know, is not infected with this deadly virus!