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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and the Respect Party

The SWP became involved in Respect in 2003 (or created Respect). SWP leaders and members realised that brown and extreme Islamists had a lot in common with the SWP’s middle class, white and very-angry membership. The Islamists had even borrowed a certain amount of Trotskyite clichés from the SWP. Later, around three days after its formation, a degree of factionalism occurred in Respect. (The SWP argues that this is a necessary factor of all IslamoTrotskyite politics and was once called ‘permanent revolution’.)

The MP George Galloway, a full-time exhibitionist, helped in the forming of Respect. Galloway is well known for liking Arabs a lot. (He was married to one – no, not Saddam Hussein.) He also wants to destroy capitalism and all things Western (i.e., non-Arabic and non-Leftist). His love for all things Arabic was shown when he met Saddam Hussein and committed a public act of fellatio on him in order to smooth Arab-West relations (which have been very bad since all Arab countries realised just how shit their countries were).

Then there was a ‘schism’ within Respect. However, not all things were that good. The group Left List was formed from this split. Then the Left List split into the Far-Left Split, the Left Split, the Right Split and the Banana Split. Apparently, the main area of contention was the third sentence of paragraph two in the chapter ‘Should I Go to Mexico?’ in Trotsky’s seminal book, How to Kick Capitalist Ass.

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