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Thursday, 4 November 2010

'Pub landlord to appeal after losing his licence' [from: The Bolton News]

The landlord’s conviction, and the loss of his licence, could quite easily be an act of intimidation by the police and the courts. It could be a warning to landlords that they shouldn't be too friendly with the EDL - because the EDL is, well, ‘far right’; and ‘far right’ = fascist.

There is also a mention of ‘racist chants’. I doubt that. I have never once heard a racist chant at an EDL demo; though, admittedly, I have heard racist comments from individuals (probably UAF/SWP plants or members of Combat 18 or something). ‘Allah! Allah! Who the fuck is Allah ?’ is evidently not a racist chant. Neither is ‘Mohammed was a paedo’. It’s about time more people, outside the EDL, got this distinction into their heads.

In addition, is ‘disorderly conduct’ simply chanting anti-Islamist chants? If anti-Islamism = racism, then racism = disorderly conduct. But anti-Islamism is not racism. Therefore the EDL members who did chant on that day surely had the democratic right to do so.

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- 30th October 2010, from The Bolton News

A PUB landlord who was stripped in horror story of his licence after police accused him of working against them when they tried to control a potentially volatile demonstration has launched an appeal.

Licensing chiefs revoked the licence of Simon Kirkpatrick, former landlord of the Stags Head in Deane, in September, after he was found guilty of serving outside his licensing hours and knowingly breaching the conditions of his licensing agreement.

The Bolton News has now learned that Kirkpatrick has launched an appeal against his conviction and will next be due up in court on December 14.

During a two-day trial, Bolton magistrates heard that Kirkpatrick, aged 39, of Buckley Lane, Farnworth, allowed up to 150 supporters of the English Defence League into the pub and served them alcohol before 11am on March 20 [before the Bolton EDL demo].

Later, more than 50 police officers had to cordon off the pub and arrange for coaches to transport the EDL protesters into the town so they did not walk through Deane.

The court heard the protesters were chanting “racist” songs.

Kirkpatrick told the court the back door of the pub was open at 9am because the cleaner was sweeping up outside. He said a group came in and demanded to be served alcohol or they would smash up the pub.

Kirkpatrick was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £350 costs.

Magistrates cleared him of knowingly allowing disorderly conduct to take place.

Kirkpatrick yesterday declined to comment.

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