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Thursday, 18 November 2010

The BBC's Panorama: White Fright/Flight [video]


  1. The muslim at the end of the second video is a liar. He moved into a white area to stake a claim over it! Now he is there, more muslims will move in and try to force the whites out.

    As for him going to introduce himself to neighbours with a bar of chocolate, as he himself would never invite them into HIS home, why does he think THEY should invite him, on production of a crappy bar of chocolate?

    His whole modus operandi, sending his children to muslim-only after school, eating on the floor, dressing as if he were still in Pakistan, proves he has absolutely no intention of becoming part of the "wider community". This is just part of lying about non-muslims, taqqiya and kitman.

    As the koran states, "Do not befriend Christians and Jews!"

  2. The vicar only talks about a one-way journey: native English children being taken to learn about muslims!

    Why?? The muslims are in OUR country; THEY need to learn!! Fcuking dhimmi!!