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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Newcastle demo yob attacked police officer

[The Evening Chronicle article follows the comment; after the dotted line.]
This man is quite obviously an out-and-out hooligan. Yet this hasn’t stopped the Trotskyist group, Justice4Bolton, from fully supporting him – no questions asked (or by ‘lying for Justice’).

His football shinpads and his past convictions, one involving a knife, tell you all you need to know. Yet the middle-class professionals and students of the UAF/SWP will need some muscle when it comes to what they call ‘radicalising’ (or what Hitler called ‘struggle’). Just as the UAF/SWP mistakenly claims that EDL provides ‘foot-soldiers’ for the BNP, so the Socialist Workers Party needs its own bootboys.

Mind you, Martin ‘Runs with the Asians’ Smith doesn’t mind a bit of a scrap himself, especially when he’s backed up with tens of Muslim chavs (as in Birmingham – see the photos?). He is also known to have thumped a fellow Trot in the guts because he interpreted the last passage of a Trotsky book in what he thought was the wrong way.

In addition, UAF/SWP, and its councillor friends in the regions, have always made a lot of the EDL being ‘outsiders’ (even when the Dudley and Bradford demos were full of EDL Dudleyites and EDL Bradfordians). The demo we are talking was in Bolton. Roger Cox, the UAF hooligan in question, was from Newcastle. Quite a trip? Quite an ‘outsider’, eh? Then again, Martin ‘Quasimodo’ Smith himself is from Hackney, Weeyheeyman Bennett is from London, and so are most of these Trotskyite UAF/SWP troublemakers! It’s something in the Thames water as well as the LSE, etc.

And yet again we have an example of the UAF/SWP criticising the police without condition - only to go on and then expect police support when the going gets tough (or to ‘protect the Asian community’ – that is, Muslims). The UAF/SWP has no right to expect anything from the police. If you read Trot literature, you will see that the police are 'an arm of the State’ – no ifs or buts.

Thus it is no surprise that Justice4Bolton shows complete ‘solidarity’ with this leftist yob.

Nov 9 2010, by Tom Mullen, (North East) Evening Chronicle

AN anti-fascist protester who attacked a police officer went looking for trouble with football shinpads in his socks.

Roger Cox travelled from Newcastle to Bolton, Greater Manchester, to oppose an English Defence League demonstration in the town.

But the protest turned ugly and when police intervened Cox lashed out, striking an officer in the chest and hurling abuse.

The 28-year-old, who has caused trouble at a protest before, denied assault and tried to claim it was the police who were being violent when the fracas began in March.

Officers had gathered to try to keep the peace before the disturbances began.

But a court in Bolton dismissed Cox’s claim that a police officer “grabbed” him and said his version of events was “not credible”.

Now, after being found guilty of assault Cox, of Croydon Road, Arthur’s Hill, Newcastle, has been ordered to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work and was ordered to pay £650 costs.

Magistrates heard he was found to be wearing football shinpads and refused to answer police questions after his arrest.

Cox has three previous convictions in 2008 for possessing a knife, obstructing a police officer and a public order offence, it was revealed.

He tried to fasten himself to a steering wheel of a police van in dawn raids.

The yob had earlier denied the assault, telling the court: “I saw the officer come down to me and he did not come into contact with anyone else, and he grabbed me.

“I did not see any punching or kicking by protesters but I did see violence from the police.”

Cox’s defence solicitor earlier made two appeals to the court for more time to examine CCTV footage, but magistrates rejected the requests.

Chairman of the bench Stephen Paine said: “PC Calladine gave credible evidence.

“Cox’s evidence was also consistent but the version of events did not seem credible.”

Justice4Bolton, a campaign group, held a show of solidarity outside the court before the trial started and criticised the decision to arrest Cox.

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