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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

NarcoJihad: UK Muslim-Led Drug Gang Sentenced to 46 Years in Jail [from: Un-Dhimmi: Watching the Enablers of Islamisation

Muslims have come to control the hard drugs trade in much of the North West of England. That control is obvious. Yet in places like Bradford and Keighley, known drug suppliers, some 18 years of age, ride round the streets in expensive flashy cars even though many of them are officially unemployed! The police seem to do nothing about it considering how obvious it is that unemployed men can only afford things like this is they are selling drugs to the kuffar.

Yes, mainly to the non-Muslim. Some have called what’s going a Chemical Jihad or the Crack/Heroin Jihad against the infidel. Drugs come directly from Pakistan and Afghanistan, both fighting internecine jihadist wars, to supply the Muslim (mainly Pakistani) ghettoes of the UK in order that Muslim jihadists in the UK can kill as many infidels as possible through the sale of often-lethal drugs. This is not a little like what has happened in other cases. For example, many blacks in American claimed that the American police deliberately allowed drugs into black ghettoes in order for them to do their job – kill as many blacks as possible. The police obviously thought that blacks were the problem in this instance.


- from Un-Dhimmi: Watching the Emblers of Islamisation, 2.11.2010

The 46 years was between them of course – this is Britain, land of the ultra-lenient sentence and pro-prisoner rights, you understand – it should have been 46 years each.

Yet another Muslim-dominated Category-A drug operation uncovered in Culturally Enriched™ Britain:

"Eight members of an organised crime gang responsible for a multi-million pound drug smuggling operation operating from Oldham have been sentenced to a total of more than 46 years in prison at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

"Three others, including the head of the gang, will be sentenced at a later date. More than £2.5m worth of drugs were seized during the operation.

"Those who were sentenced today (Friday 29 October 2010) are:

"Mohammed Farid, aged 37, of Wellington Road, Oldham, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin, cocaine and cannabis. His sentencing has been adjourned.

"Mohammed Abbas, 25, of Bobbin Walk, Glodwick, Oldham, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and cannabis and was jailed for 10 years and six months.

"Khurram Shazad, 27 of Picton Square, Glodwick, Oldham, admitted conspiracy to supply cannabis and was jailed for four years and eight months

"Abdul Rashid, 33 of Rochdale Road, Oldham, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and was jailed for seven years and four months

"Kason Miah, 29 of Barton Street, Westwood, Oldham, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and was jailed for five years and four months

"Anthony Fagan, 38 of Netherhey Street, Abbeyhills, Oldham, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and was jailed for seven years and four months

"Muhammed Esak Ali, 32 of Briarmere Walk, Chadderton, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and was jailed for eight years and three months

"Usman Rashid, 21 of Honeywell Lane, Oldham, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine and was jailed for two years and eight months

"Scott Massaro, 30 from Bristol, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine and jailed for five years.

"Ibrahim Choudhury, 24, of Rosebery Avenue, Northampton, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and will be sentenced on 10 November 2010.

"Mohammed Zubair, 31 of Edward Street, Werneth, Oldham admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine and will be sentenced on 10 November 2010.

"During the investigation drugs with an estimated street value of £2.5m and over £39,000 in cash were seized.

"Farid’s assets have been frozen and the police are now working to recoup the money the group made from selling drugs.

"Chief Superintendent Tim Forber, divisional commander for Oldham said: “Farid effectively glamorised the drug trade by flashing his cash and driving his expensive cars.

“He recruited his gang and offered them what appeared to be large amounts of cash for relatively little effort. I want to send out the clear message that being involved in the sale and supply of drugs is not easy money.

“I know there are a number of people in the community who saw Farid and his men with their illegal gains and looked up to them and aspired to be like them.

“These men are not role models and I want to stress, especially to the younger generation in Oldham, that this is not a glamorous lifestyle. Drugs ruin lives and if you are caught selling them you will go to prison for a long time. Do not be tempted by the lure of money. Even if you think you can get away with just doing one job, if you are caught the police and courts will not discriminate and you will be severely punished.

“This operation has already been hugely successful in terms of the amount of drugs seized and to take this gang out of operation and get them locked up is a great result for GMP and, in particular, the people of Oldham.

“We have been speaking to the community, listening to what concerns they have and working tirelessly to address them. This result proves we will be pro active and thoroughly investigate the information we get.”

Detective Sergeant Martin Hopkinson, of GMP’s Drugs Unit, said: “Farid paraded as a legitimate businessman but in reality was the kingpin of a massive drug trafficking operation.

“The sheer volume of drugs recovered reflect how big Farid’s criminal enterprise was and I am delighted we have been able to smash it.

“I would like to commend all the officers that worked tirelessly on this investigation for months to secure such compelling evidence that all the defendants have admitted their involvement.

“Farid was the top dog at the head of this drug gang and today’s sentences prove that regardless of the level you are at, if you are involved in the production, sale or supply of class A drugs you face a very lengthy prison sentence.”

Despite their supposed disdain for narcotics, Muslims are more than happy to supply hard drugs to the kuffar; and consequently have come to dominate UK drugs crime in recent years. They also, as we have reported in the past, dominate British prison life.

They abuse the religious association privileges they are afforded, not to get closer to Allah, but to plot further crime and make converts, often from prisoners too frightened to say no. There are also suspected links to terrorist activity.

But is anyone doing anything about it? Where are the strategies and the thinking required to deal with this phenomenon? Instead of pandering to their needs, we should be locking these gangsters up for life – with no Islamic privileges, apart from a prayer mat in their solitary-confinement cells.

Any immigration irregularities should result in swift deportations. Enough is enough.

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