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Thursday, 18 November 2010

MPs discovered they have ­eaten halal meat in Parliament without being told

18th November 2010, by Gary Nicks, Political Editor, Daily Star

Catering bosses in the Commons ­admitted they had served chicken slaughtered by Islamic methods.

Campaigners say the Muslim ritual of slitting a conscious animal’s throat and ­letting it bleed to death is inhumane and should be banned. Commons admin ­spokesman Sir Stuart Bell shocked MPs when he admitted: “The catering service has unknowingly received supplies of poultry slaughtered using halal methods.”

The chicken has been served in Commons canteens, restaurants and bars.

Tory MP Greg Knight said: “This underlines the need to have proper labelling so people actually know what they are eating.

“It seems there has been this drive in the food industry to do everything halal so it doesn’t offend people.”

Tory Philip Hollobone said: “I don’t think it is that ­difficult a problem to solve. Maybe the ­Government is frightened about upsetting ethnic minorities.”

Commons catering chiefs are now looking for a new supplier. There was uproar earlier this year after it emerged halal meat is being served in ­hospitals, schools and pubs without the public knowing.

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