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Monday, 29 November 2010

Is this masked muslim man a well known London boxer?

From VOICE Online, by Merissa Richards

Anthony Small refuses to deny claims he took part in poppy burning outrage

BOXER Anthony Small has refused to deny claims that he was among a group of Muslims who caused public outrage by setting fire to a wreath of poppies on Remembrance Day.

Small, 29, who was dropped by his manager, after joining fellow Muslims to protest against British troops when they returned from Afghanistan, refused to deny that he was one of the men protesting in the poppy-burning demonstration when The Voice contacted him.

The rumours that Small was among the protestors started when a photograph of a black man with his face partly covered appeared in media reports of the poppy protest. One Online blogger claimed that the masked man was Small.

The Islamic activist from Lewisham told the Voice that he was in support of the demonstration which led to the poppy burnings.

“It doesn’t matter whether I took place in the demonstration or not, the point is that, I’m in the support of the demonstration. If I was in the demonstration the reason why I covered my face was because it was not about Anthony Smalls but instead those wearing the poppy that are supporting mass murdering,” he told The Voice.

In reference to the first demonstration which led to Smalls parting from his manager he said: “Getting punched in the head for a living is not the best way to earn your money. Look at the history of boxing look at Mohammed Ali and more.”

“My main focus consists of working with his fellow Muslim brothers to stand up for the poor and the needy and bringing the message of Islam to the people in the UK.”

Small added: “The purpose of the demonstration was that to inform people that by wearing a poppy means that they are supporting present day soldiers who are killing innocent men, women and children.

“Many are not aware that wearing a poppy means that they are supporting these soldiers.

“When people see the poppy being burnt they are shocked but the point of the burnt poppy was to get peoples attention.”

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