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Monday, 1 November 2010

Iraq: Dozens dead following Muslim standoff at Catholic church' [from: enerpub]

[See the enerpub article after this comment.]

It’s amazing. In the UK, Muslims demand not only equal treatment, but special treatment. Positive discrimination. Positive accommodations. Accommodation after accommodation. Sharia everywhere, blacked out windows at swimming pools, medieval toilets, to live without CCTVs, a bit of sharia here and a bit of sharia there, etc.

Yet virtually all Christians and non-Muslims in Islamic states are literally given hell. Not content with the Dhimmi status of non-Muslims, Muslims want more – their death. They are persecuted in Pakistan, Iraq, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Algeria, Indonesea, the Philippines, Iran, Afghanistan – every Muslim state.
In the case of Iraq, there has been a massive exodus of Christians from Iraq – a place in which they have lived for near two thousands years (six hundred years before Islam!). Yet we never hear about these things – certainly not in the Guardian and the New Statesman. Instead we get a daily diet of ‘crimes’ against the oh-so-innocent Palestinians, who have never put a foot wrong. Yet over 13,000 rocket shells were fired into civilian Israel in the few years before Operation Cast Lead. Umm. That might have had a teeny-weeny thing to do with Israel’s policies. Any other country, including the US and the UK, as well as every Islamic country, would have acted in far worse a manner than the controlled and clinical Israelis.

But the propaganda paints Israel as the only Satan-state on the planet. Now, I wonder if that ties in, at all, with the two thousand years of anti-Semitism which came before that current Palestine-Israel standoff? That is, are we supposed to believe that centuries of anti-Semitism has no connection whatsoever with anti-Zionism? The coincidence is just to massive. Just too unbelievable. The decades after rightist-leftist-Islamic anti-Semitism was supposed to have died we suddenly, and remarkably, get something called anti-Zionism. Can you accept a coincidence like that? I can’t and the most of the EDL don't suck it.

So the media is going more or less ignore what's going on with the Christians in Iraq, then we must highlight it instead. Of course, even if the Guardian does mention it they will the mad Sunnis are innocent of the mass bombing and murders. The invasion of Iraq by the US will to be blame. Or may have something to do 'the Zionist Entity'. Or may it be that the Zionist Lobby or the Freemasons Lobby that has secretly engineered it…. Or maybe it is because Sunnis have been killing Shias, and killing Christians, for well over a thousand years – years before the creation of Israel, and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Muslims, instead, must be held guilty for their criminal acts and their very many murders. We can no longer excuse them and treat them like children – as the far left and liberals do. Leftists should stop being so racist towards what they see as the Brown Exotic – some Rousseauian romanticism of the Arab and other Muslims.

- October 31, 2010, by Martin Barillas, from enerpub

A siege by Iraqi security forces at one of Baghdad's largest Catholic churches ended on the night of October 31, leaving at least 37 people dead and twelve injured.

A group of gunmen wearing suicide vests walked into the Syrian Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation during Sunday Mass. They held more than 50 parishioners hostage for several hours and threatened to kill them if al Qaeda prisoners were not released.

The siege was finally broken on that evening when Iraqi security forces stormed the church. Iraqi spokesman Major General Qassim al-Moussawi claimed that five gunmen were killed during the rescue operation as well as one policeman a parishioner and one of the priests celebrating Mass.

The Christian community in Iraq has suffered persecution since the war. Many thousands have fled abroad. In this case it is still not known why the church was targeted. Some reports suggest that the gunmen had first planned to attack the nearby stock exchange.

Christian clergy and lay people have been kidnapped, murdered, and raped by Muslim terrorists and criminal gangs in Iraq, sparking the exodus of Christians from the country. Chaldean Christians, for example, have fled to neighboring countries that are relatively more accepting of non-Muslims, or to Western countries. Christianity has been present in Iraq since at least the 1st century AD.

Iraq's Jews, who had lived in the region since the time of Abraham and during their Babylonian Captivity, were expelled in the 1940s and 1950s following the infamous pogrom known as The Farhud. Sparked by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one of the lead Muslim religious men of the region, Muslims went on a killing spree in Baghdad and elsewhere during the Second World War having allied themselves with the genocidal Nazi war machine in the Mideast's version of the Holocaust.


  1. And comments from leftists(intelligent or otherwise)never seem to want to coment on such things as islamic atrocities!