Thursday, 4 November 2010

How Liberals (Leftists) Argue [video]

This is the first time I've wanted to punch a cartoon character, but the female liberal (leftist) in this video is beyond hope.

This video is clearly biased and prejudiced against the liberal-leftist character, but you do recognise many Leftist 'speech patterns' and ways of arguing (or not arguing) in her words.

For example, the endless tirade of 'racist', 'war monger', 'far right' and so, which shows us that without these insults, she would be without argument. Such accusations, or insults, are used to stop debate. Most Leftists believe in 'No Platform' policies for groups they dare not argue with. And more and more individuals and groups are given the 'No Platform' treatment. Thus such leftists/liberals display their anti-democratic and totalitarian instincts.

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