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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The History of Palestinian Anti-Semitism and Nazism [video]

Many Palestinian homes still have portraits of the Grand Mufti on their walls.

It should be no surprise that many Muslims were - and still are - also Nazis. Both creeds are creepily anti-Semitic. Indeed Hitler's Mein Kampf is very much the Koran of the 20th century. Both books are dire. Both are monomaniacally anti-Semitic. Both are extraordinarily repetitive. And both come across as bad Old-Testament style.

Let us remember. Not only was the Grand Mufti a Nazi, but his Nazism and anti-Semitism tapped into a long history of Islamic anti-Semitism. Read Hamas's Charter and all will become clear.

And leftists try to pretend that the conflict in the Middle East is all about Zionism!! Pull the other one. Such Taqiyya only works on the already-anti-Semitic minds of leftist anti-Zionists. Everyone else can see straight through the bullshit.

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