Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The French Defence League Doesn't Want Halal! [video]

Have these Frenchies been following South Birmingham EDL and our protests against Toby 'Halal' Cavery?

Brilliant! The French have the Islamic virus worse than us... if that's possible. Large parts of Paris are 'no-go areas'. That is, Muslim ghettos. Ghettos that the Muslims want to live in, mind you. To keep away from the 'filthy kuffar'.
The kuffar, and his civilisation, are a constant temptation to Muslims. We love life and our civilisation far surpasses the Islamic lack-of-civilisation. That's why they bomb and kill us. They're jealous! They've got nothing. Even laughing is frowned upon in Iran and other Pisslam countries.

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