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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Four held after bust-up at George Galloway meeting

November 17, 2010, from the Oldham Advertiser

Four people were arrested after far-right campaigners stormed a meeting where former MP George Galloway was speaking.

Protesters, believed to be members of the English Defence League, burst into Oldham’s Pakistani Community Centre in Glodwick.

The group hurled abuse at Mr Galloway and members of the audience at the Respect Party public meeting.

Punches were thrown and the police were called.

Officers arrested four protesters on suspicion of affray.

Nobody was injured.

It is understood that members of Respect, who arranged the gathering, had earlier made police aware of the event after a similar gathering in Wythenshawe was disrupted by EDL protesters in the summer.

Around 40 people were at the meeting and were listening to Mr Galloway when the trouble broke out.

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