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Monday, 29 November 2010

Embrace & Respect Islam!... or else you'll be arrested!


Respect it!

The Koran.

Respect it!


Respect him!

Islamic terror? Respect it, Islamophobe!

Clitorectomies? Respect them!

Honor Killings? Respect them!

Persecution of Chrsitians, Jews, Hindus, non-Muslims? Respect it!

Desecration of non-Muslim holy sites? Respect it!

Islamic supremacism? Respect it!

Lack of candor and criticism of Islam? Respect it!

Homicide bombers? Respect them!

Jihad? Respect it!

Jew-hatred? Respect it!

Women as chattel? Respect it!

Burka? Respect it!

Child Slavery? Respect it!

Restriction of free speech? Respect it!

Ground Zero mega mosque? Respect it!

Intellectual theft? Respect it!

Jihad in Thailand, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Phillipines, Latin America, Israel, Lebanon, Chechnya, France, UK, Italy, Russia, India, et al? Respect it!

Historical whitewash? Respect it?

Dhimmitude? Respect it, dhimmis!

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  1. You missed out the all important 'pedophilia - respect it'!