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Saturday, 27 November 2010

The EDL: Opposing Sharia in Preston

November 27, from the Gates of Vienna blog

The EDL staged a demonstration in Preston today, one of three mounted simultaneously in various parts of England.

Around 5000 EDL supporters braved the winter weather to assemble in Preston against sharia. This was one of two simultaneous EDL demonstrations in different parts of England which demonstrates a new capability for the organisation. It will only be a matter of time before numerous demonstrations will be possible simultaneously.

The demonstration in Preston was largely peaceful, though some trouble was caused during the speeches by some agent provocateurs who had disguised themselves as football fans. The genuine EDL supporters made their views clear with regard to this group of trouble makers. It seems that all manner of measures is used by the EDL’s opponents to disrupt its peaceful demonstrations in an attempt to tarnish its image. The Government has lost the argument and seems willing to resort to any manner of dirty tricks in their desperation.

The police behaved in an exemplary and friendly manner both before and during the demonstration. The only real problems occurred afterwards. As EDL supporters were socialising after the protest had taken place, the numerous pubs where they had congregated were raided by the police and all occupants forced to leave. It seems that this was a deliberate provocation, perhaps ordered by the senior politically appointed officers, in order to get EDL supporters to react to this outrageous treatment. It seems that the last thing that the powers that be want is a peaceful EDL demonstration. Nevertheless, the vast majority of EDL supporters didn’t react to this strategy. The way that the police has been corrupted by the oligarchs who now run the British state now means that it is more essential than ever that senior police officers are directly elected like they are in the United States. Politically motivated policing is undermining confidence in the police service and undermining equality before the law which is at the very heart of our democracy (though at odds with sharia).

Overall, the day in Preston was a resounding success – it was well attended, largely peaceful, and supported by the many people who were watching the demonstration or going about their ordinary business. The support for the EDL has clearly grown in recent weeks and months. The support base is strong and growing stronger by the day as the British Government continues to ignore the British people as it proceeds to gradually impose sharia norms against their will and for goodness knows what reason.

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