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Friday, 12 November 2010

EDL Leader, Tommy Robinson, arrested

It’s good to know that even though Tommy Robinson is the leader of the EDL, he still feels that he should get stuck in when getting stuck in is really needed. And if there were any time that direct action were needed, it was yesterday - when Muslims Against Crusades burned poppies in the streets of London.

This was like rubbing shit in the faces of the dead; as well as in the faces of the British people generally. MAC wanted to cause maximum offence. They did.

MAC thought they could get away with it. They did get away with it. That's why Tommy took direct action, along with other EDL lads, in a kind of physical citizen’s arrest.

If the police won’t shut these Islamists up, then the EDL will.

MAC is effectively breaking the law anyway, by my reckoning. They are inciting hatred. They are racist towards Jews and white British people. They are encouraging violence as well. They want to sow discord. They want to rule in the name of Allah and enforce sharia law on us all. What more do the police want?

The police clearly have it in for Tommy. He housed has been searched a couple of times already. This is a direct policy of intimidation by the police. They want to shut this inconvenient voice up once and for all. Then they believe that the EDL will simply fade away. Will it fuck! Although Tommy is very good at his job, the EDL would still run without him. There are a good number of EDL who could take over the role of leader of the EDL if Tommy were imprisoned.

The terrible thing about yesterday is that more EDL were arrested than MAC. It was five-to-two against the EDL. I doubt that Tommy actually assaulted a police officer anyway. But the police needed some excuse to arrest him – what better than assault? Tommy probably just resisted arrested because he wanted to stop MAC from shouting their obscenities into the London streets. Fancy getting arrested for trying to deal with MAC scum. The law has become a joke when it comes to all things Islamist and, yes, Islamic.

Tommy will be appearing in court, at West London Magistrates’ Court, on the 22nd of November – five days before the Preston and Nuneaton demos. Let’s hope that loads of EDL get down there to show their support for the leader of the EDL.


  1. There were politically motivated arrests of people who did nothing. They have witnesses. This totalitarian-style warfare against the indigenous population WILL be confronted and exposed! NFSE!!

  2. fair play tommy lets just hope yesterday has truly woken the country up to the problems we have to get rid of

  3. Freedom for tommy !
    Many demonstrations scheduled. One in Paris, France, near the Grand Palais, saturday, the 24th of november, at 15h00.

    Europe United Against Islam ! Once more...

    Our leaders have to choose between civilization and sharia. No more dhimmis, no more treason !
    See you there.