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Thursday, 4 November 2010

EDL - Britain Wake Up! [video]

I you think we've got it bad here, spare a thought for the many Islamic hells in Paris, Sweden (Malmo), Denmark, Norway. All these countries have tried their hardest to appease Muslims - appease a killer religion which believes in the deaths of all non-Muslims. If you think Alum Rock, or Sparkbrook, or Manningham are bad, meet Malmo and the hellish Muslim ghettoes in Paris.

Evidently, all this can only get worse unless there is a huge fight back against Islamification, Islamism and the huge troop of leftists and PC-ers who have greased the wheels of Islam. We must fight the enablers of Muslims and Islam too. They have made it easy for Islam to spread throughout Europe and to get just about every thing it wants. And the Muslims demand for more concessions and a special (superior) status.


  1. Here is a bit of comuppance for dhimmi crawling traitorous MPs: There aint' NOWHERE to hide!! NFSE!!

  2. Sorry, forgot link! :)