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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Derby Muslim sex gang convicted of grooming and abusing non-Muslim girls

Islam teaches men to hate women. It also teaches Muslim men to hate the kuffar. Thus, it teaches Muslim men to hate kuffar women to an even greater degree.

Of course there is grooming, abuse and rape in other cultures. But not every religion teaches its adherents that non-believing women can be treated as 'booty'! Read the Koran. Study Islam. Then you will realise why there is a massive problem with Muslim men grooming, raping and abusing non-Muslim women.
Islam and the Koran should be treated as 'hate literature' - which is what it truly is. Make that real connection between Islamic misogyny and what's going on in the cities and towns of the UK. This case in Derby is just one more example of the Jihad against Kuffar Women.
For example, in north Europan countries, such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway, there is a massive problem with the Muslim rape and abuse of kuffar women. But the respective police forces are forbidden, because of Leftist policy and political correctness, from many any connections between Islam, or Muslims, and these problems. They are taught to ignore the obvious connection between Islam/Muslim men and the systematic abuse of non-Muslim women.
If the police don't sort out this huge problem, I know 50,000 people who will sort it out! Get your shit together, police. Stamp on political correctness and deal with the problem. Are you listening?..
BBC News Derby

A gang of men from Derby has been convicted of systematically grooming and sexually abusing teenage girls.

Many of the victims were given alcohol or drugs before being forced to have sex in cars, rented houses or hotels across the Midlands.

One girl described a sexual assault involving at least eight men.

The nine men were convicted during three separate trials, culminating in the convictions at Leicester Crown Court of the two ringleaders.

Reporting restrictions had been in place until the end of the third trial.

Twenty-seven girls came forward to say they had been victims, the youngest of whom was 12 and the oldest was 18. Convictions have been achieved for 15 of those.

Liaqat and Saddique were said to be the leaders of the gang Abid Mohammed Saddique, 27, and Mohammed Romaan Liaqat, 28 - both married with children - were said to be the leaders of the gang.

Saddique, of Northumberland Street, Normanton, Derby, was convicted of four counts of rape as well as two counts of false imprisonment, two of sexual assault, three charges of sexual activity with a child, perverting the course of justice, and aiding and abetting rape.

Liaqat, of Briar Lea Close, Sinfin, Derby, was found guilty of one count of rape, two of sexual assault, aiding and abetting rape, affray, and four counts of sexual activity with a child.

Both pleaded guilty to causing a person under the age of 18 to be involved in pornography.

They will be sentenced on 7 January.

'Complex investigation'

Derbyshire Police said they believed no money changed hands between those involved, and said such instances of abuse were a growing problem in the UK.

Detectives said it had been the most horrendous case of sexual exploitation they had ever faced.

The undercover investigation by Derbyshire Police, Operation Retriever, was split into three trials which have run since February.

Speaking after the hearing, Det Insp Sean Dawson said: "These convictions have brought an end to a lengthy and complex investigation that has been brought to court thanks to the bravery of the victims in this case.

"These two men are predatory sex offenders who, with their associates, have systematically abused and raped teenage girls.

"We are shocked by the scale of abuse we have uncovered and the impact it has had on the girls who were the victims of these callous men.

"Child sex exploitation is something that parents and carers across the country should be aware of.

"Parents and carers should talk to their children, take an interest in what they are doing and warn them not to go off with strangers, no matter how tempting it might seem."

Thirteen men were charged in relation to Operation Retriever and 11 stood trial for a string of charges, not all sexual, relating to the case.

Of the original 13, a total of nine have been convicted of offences against vulnerable girls ranging from rape to false imprisonment.

Other defendants already convicted and sentenced were: Akshay Kumar, 38, he admitted one count of causing a person under the age of 18 to be involved in pornography and was jailed for two years and 10 months.

Faisal Mehmood, 24, pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child before trial and was jailed for three years. He has now been deported to Pakistan.

Mohammed Imran Rehman, 26, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years after being found guilty of rape, while Graham Blackham, 26, was given a three-year sentence after he was convicted of two counts of breaching a sexual offences prevention order.

Liaqat's brother Naweed Liaqat, 33, and Farooq Ahmed, 28, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and were both jailed for 18 months.

Ziafat Yasin, 31, was cleared of sex charges but pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of cocaine. He was jailed for three years


  1. How odd (or perhaps not) that you didn't quote the end of the BBC article, here..

    And I quote:
    This case came after others in Rochdale, Preston and Rotherham, where groups of Asian men had been found guilty of grooming and raping girls.

    The Operation Retriever officers decline to draw conclusions from the ethnicity of the group. "Look at the sexual offenders list," said one senior officer. "It's mainly white men."

    But police agree these cases may suggest a willingness for abusers with shared ethnic backgrounds to work in gangs, rather than alone. "
    End of quote.

    The rape of young girls is too serious an issue to be hijacked by your understandable but very misguided, thinly disguised race hatred. England has been international since time began. EDL does not belong here. Go back to, you have no home, do you? LOLOMFG!

  2. Well done Gooleboy, I also notice this page has no picture of the white man involved in this.

    edl must be jizzing in their boxer shorts at the thought of being able to incite more hatred!


    From A WHITE British Woman DERBY

  3. oh and this is Graham Blakhams BEBO page, look at his friends, all young girls,

  4. Gooleboy,

    I didn't quote the whole thing? Yes I did. I cut and pasted the whole BBC Derby article.

    The 'sexual offenders list' would be mainly white men, wouldn't it? Muslim men only make up a small percentage of the UK public. But the thing that is different is the gang aspect of all this. Big gangs of Muslims working together. I think the Islamic view of women, and then kuffar women, helps this. Also, proportionally, it seems that far more Muslims are doing this sort of thing because kuffar women are called 'booty' in the Koran. You didn't once touch on this central point.

    Kathy, who the fuck is Graham Blakham? Am I supposed to know this guy?

    I didn't use a picture of the sole white guy because BBC Derby didn't have one. I just used what was there.

  5. A series of very convenient excuses and logical fallacies.

    1. If you cut and paste the whole article then the bit of the white men being most frequent offenders was what? Fell off?

    2. What drives white men to the abuse? Is it some other White teaching? Do they have their own rule book too? Not the Koran for their instruction on child molestation, oh no.

    3. You actually mean to imply that Islamic teaching is what drove or assisted these men to do what they did? So they did it not because they are scum but out of being devout muslims! I hope you are not their lawyer because this is the kind of thing those scumbags would try to say in tdefence of their utter despicable deeds.

    The sheer bizarreness of your reasoning would seem to imply to me that you are way too far down the line in your setermination to hate muslims. As a white Briton myself, born and brought up here, to a working class family, I cannot identify with you in any way.

    Your English Defence League is a misnomer anyway. It should read Attack Muslims League. You defend nothing of the great values of my country. My grandfather defended my country in WW2 and has more true Englishness in him than you would ever understand.,

    Though beter spoken than a typical racist thug, your articulacy is merely more apt at displaying the sheer isolationism and distortions in your world. Trying to reason with you would seem akin to trying to teach a Martian to do an Irish jig - it would be pointless and not make sense to the teacher or the student.

    It's a shame you seem to have let your reasonably intelligent mind be so infected by an ideology one would be more used to seeing written on toilet walls.

    I hope one day you can see thugs for what they are-thugs- and recognise that they can declare themselves to be Muslim, english, black, huindu, whatever.

    Good luck with it all anyway. Me, I have a life to lead, and other decent people to get on with, including muslims.

  6. EDL....this is for you Sir! actually to call you sir would be to suggest i respect your platform and opinion, I should be calling you a pathetic disturbed retarded group of claim to have read the koran, well please start to understand the text and by writing words such as 'kuffar' does not mean that you have an understanding of what you have read. The problem is that their are dirty rotton sexual predators amongst every circle and community of people...including your circle of people...maybe even your best friends...but you are blinded to this by the fact that you distinquish crimes worthy of critisism only by colour of the skin and by the individuals culture and religious beliefs.
    Anyhow my suggestion to and your 50,000 strong group would be to get a job, then make some money, try and get out of your council home, then enjoy life and stop believing that you are victims of the current world that we live in. Only then will you respect and believe in living in a world where all are equal.

  7. Well the last 2 posts do have their points but the men clearly aimed their attacks at white christian girls, underage or not this was a planned thing.
    There is alot of girls of the men's own race and religion in that area, but they chose white girls Why??
    and also the paedo, sorry, pig, sorry, prophet mohammed married a 6 year old and deflowered her when she was 9 it 'is' in the koran so you are taught this filth and pass it to your youngers sickening!!!