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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Islamic terrorists' bombs kill six Baghdad Christians, sow panic

[The AFP article follows the comment; after the dotted line.]

When will we start hearing more about the Muslim massacres of Christians in Iraq (as well as in Pakistan, etc.)? We’ve heard far, far more about the so-called ‘genocide’ of Turkish Islamists during the flotilla event. But they were Muslim deaths. The deaths of the Brown Exotic platonic Oppressed. Worse that that. Much worse than that. They were killed by Jews… sorry, by Israelis! And ‘international crimes’ are always far worse when they are committed by the Jews… sorry, by the Zionists.

Less than 10,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israelis in the last ten years. Yet Hamas, and their Leftist enablers in the West, call it a ‘genocide ’ and sometimes even a ‘holocaust’! I’ll tell you about a genocide that we hear much less about. That is the Muslim genocide of southern Sudanese Christians and animists. Again, Hamas and co. have managed to control and manipulate not only what gullible Western journalists report, but the actual words they use (e.g., Israeli ‘crimes’, Jewish ‘apartheid’, Palestinian ‘genocide’, the Gaza ‘concentration camp’, etc.) All masterful words of hyperbole and utter shit.

Iraqi Christians have been in Iraq for around two thousand years. Some of the Palestinians in Palestine, when the Jews declared the state of Israel, had only been there for as little a two years. Many others were from Syria, Jordan and other Arab countries.

The Israeli army only used firearms and even paintball guns on the Islamist flotilla. In four days alone, Christian homes and shops have experienced 13 bombs and two mortar attacks. Can you imagine the uproar if the Israeli soldiers had used bombs and mortar fire against the Islamist flotilla? Councillor Salma Yaqoob would have drowned in her own crocodile tears and Yvonne Ridley would have become a suicide bomber.

To say it again. More Iraqi Christians have been murdered by Iraqi Muslims in the last four days than were killed on the Islamist flotilla. Yet, again, masses of people, even Christians, have absolutely no idea what’s going on in Iraq – primarily because UK Christian leaders are frightened of ‘offending’ Muslims with the brutal truth!

Oh, I forgot. Only two weeks ago, 44 Christian worshippers, two priests and seven security personnel were murdered by Muslims after they seized a Christian cathedral in Baghdad. That’s four times more than the Turks who died on the Islamist flotilla!

Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the cathedral genocide. That’s the same Al-Qaeda which is loved by two of our very own Islamist groups – Muslims Against Crusaders and Islam4UK. That is, they support the killing of Christian civilians almost as much as they support the killing of Israeli citizens.

So I hope that everyone has listened to the words of the Syriac Catholic archbishop of Baghdad. He wants Western countries ‘to come to their rescue’. I doubt it. Those that are being killed aren’t Palestinians. And we all know that Palestinian lives are far more important than Iraqi Christian lives, as well as Sudanese Christian lives, Pakistani Christian lives, etc.

What Iraqi Muslims want, and what many other Muslims want, is for Iraq to be Christian-free, just as they want ‘Palestine’ to be Judenrein. Iraqi Muslims have almost reached that target; but they will need to keep up the jihad! That is, before 2003 there were 800,000 Christians in Iraq. Now there are less than 500,000. That’s quite a successful jihad, isn’t it? Who’s next?


- By Marwa Sabah (AFP), 10.11.2010, by AFP

A string of anti-Christian bombings has cost six more lives in the wake of the Baghdad church bloodbath, sowing panic in Iraq's 2,000-year-old minority on Wednesday, many of whom now want to flee.

"Since Tuesday evening, there have been 13 bombs and two mortar attacks on homes and shops of Christians in which a total of six people were killed and 33 injured," a defence ministry official said. "A church was also damaged."

An interior ministry official earlier gave a casualty toll of three dead in 12 of the attacks across the Iraqi capital early on Wednesday.

The attacks come less than two weeks after 44 Christian worshippers, two priests and seven security personnel died in the seizure of a Baghdad cathedral by Islamist gunmen and the ensuing shootout when it was stormed by troops.

On November 3, Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the cathedral hostage-taking and warned it would step up attacks on Christians.

As Christian converged on their churches on Wednesday to seek counsel from their religious leaders, a Syriac Catholic archbishop made an emotional appeal for Western countries to come to their rescue.

"It would be criminal on the part of the international community not to take care of the security of the Christians," Athanase Matti Shaba Matoka said inside the church targeted on October 31 where he tried to console his flock.
"Everybody is scared," he said. "People are asking who is going to protect them, how are they going to stay on in Iraq. We are trying to encourage them to stay patient."

The scarred church in the central district of Karrada became a focus of the fears of Christian families.

"For the past two years now my wife has been trying to persuade me to leave the country, but I didn't agree," said 42-year-old labourer Raed Wissam from the Dora district of southern Baghdad.

"Today, I feel sure she's right because I don't want to feel guilty if something bad happens to one of my children."

Wissam said he was woken up at 6:00 am (0300 GMT) by an explosion. "I ran up to the roof to see what was going on and I heard three more blasts, with three Christian homes targeted. My two children wept."

Emmanuel Karim, a 27-year-old IT worker, was about to go to work from his home in Camp Sara, central Baghdad, when a bomb exploded. The apparent target was the car of his uncle, who was among those killed on October 31.

"Fifteen minutes later, a second bomb exploded, killing a neighbour who was trying to put out the fire in the car ... He was a Muslim. He was my friend," said Karim, fighting back the tears.

He said devotees were gathering at churches to try to join the Christian exodus which has been picking up pace since the US-led invasion of 2003 of now violence-plagued Iraq, where their community's roots date back two millennia.

Monsignor Pius Kasha, also of the church in the hostage-taking at the end of last month, said a four-month-old baby was among three people wounded in bombings of Christian homes in Baghdad's Mansur district late on Tuesday.

"We don't know what is the aim of these criminals but what is certain is that this will push even more Christians to emigrate ... Where is the security the government is supposed to provide to all citizens, Christians and Muslims?"

A senior Iraqi clergyman based in London said at the weekend that Christians should quit Iraq or face being killed at the hands of Al-Qaeda.

"The countries that have welcomed the victims ... of this attack (on the church) have done a noble thing, but that should not encourage emigration," the premier said.

An estimated 800,000 Christians lived in Iraq before the 2003 invasion but that number has since shrunk to around 500,000 in the face of repeated attacks against their community and churches.

Christians in Baghdad have now dwindled to around 150,000, a third of their former population in the capital.

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