Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Coming Down the Road - Alex and the Bandits [EDL video]


  1. In A and the B's classic, 'EDL', they sing passionately about being 'persecuted for being English'. I'm really worried, have they been tortured?

  2. What, can't the non-Leftist white working class be "persecuted" by definition? Can only blacks and Muslims be persecuted? Are you are racist?

    Yes, the language is strong - but that's political rhetoric for you. I bet you have never question the use of the word "persecution" in any other case. Again, are you racist against the non-Leftist white working class?

    They aren't being tortured yet. But those in the various Leftist Gulags on the 20th century were frequently and systematically tortured. (Fidel Castro had a thing for the systematic torture of gays - as does Islamic Iran.) And torture is rife in the Muslim world. Sharia law includes literal torture.

    So, yes, in the future it is possible that literal torture could occur.