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Monday, 25 October 2010

US Rabbi Nachum Shifren talks to the BBC 23rd Oct 2010 [video]

The EDL can no longer be ignored. It is a movement that even the BBC and the Guardian have to take note of. The Guardian, however, never even bothers spending a single moment analysing what the EDL says and stands for. Instead, it simply repeates the 'far right', 'racist', 'thugs' mantras again and again just in case any of its readers dare begin to think for themselves and actually attempt to take on board why the EDL is warning this country about - the frightening rise of Islamism and the slow but sure sharia-isation that is going on beneath the noses of politicians and leftist Islamic enablers.

'Far right' = fascist

Do these people genuinely believe that the 40,000 and more EDL supporters and members are all, each and every one of them, really fascists? Of course they don't! However, they still realise that accusations like this effectively render discussion of Islam and Islamism impossible - which is precisely what leftist enablers and our cowardly politicians want.

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