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Monday, 25 October 2010


Talk about hearing it from the horse's mouth! It is the Islamic dream articulated in full. Then again, Muslims are always more honest when talking to fellow Muslims, as this Labour MP was. However, he would never have dreamed about saying such things and being so honest on Question Time on in the Daily Mail.

He makes it absolutely crystal clear what he wants and expects - not a Parliament with more Muslim MPs but a Parliament which is full of only Muslim MPs. This isn't a 'far-right conspiracy theory' - the Muslim MP says it himself. What more do leftists enablers of Islam want from their Brown and Exotic friends? Do they want the Islamic takeover of Parliament to be written in blood by this man? If that takeover did come to pass, it wouldn't be written in blood but in seas of British and Muslim blood would have to have been spilt in order to bring about this Islamic takeover. British non-Muslims, from atheists to Sikhs, are getting angrier and angrier and the time of civil war will be upon us unless our politicians begin to see what is actually happening around them. We need a small-scale conflict today in order to circumvent the massive civil war which is bound to occur in the fairly near future.

Being radical and strict with the Islamists today in order to lessen the coming civil war which is bound to occur with less than 25 years - the Islamists' own guess when the trouble will come.

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  1. Yeah: never forget! this scum and his arse-wipe enablers, Bliar, the Cleggaron, the nazis in the lib dums: Jenny Tonge and Lord Avebury who recently entertained representatives of Hizbollah in the House of Lords, your days are numbered.