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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Political Correctness and Islam [by MrBlue]

- by MrBlue
I despise political correctness. It insults our intelligence. It dismisses our life experiences.

Political correctness pretends what is, isn’t and what isn’t, is. Political correctness runs in direct
opposition to common sense.

England can no longer pretend. Our nation is dying due to the political correctness forced upon
us. We have watched the sickness of political correctness infest every facet of our society.
Entertainment, academia, work, politics… there is nowhere left untouched by this poison.

Freedom of religion was one of the founding tenets of England (granted albeit mainly Catholic
and eventually C of E as well). Yet, in traditional England, religions are organisations that
bring good to communities. England has thrived under Judeo/Christian values. Yet now, we
are being challenged by Islam and its determination to force Sharia law on the world.

The politically correct in our nation want to pretend Islam is a “religion of peace.” The PC invent excuses for Islam’s murderers and terrorists. They say: “Extreme Islam isn’t real Islam.” OK, if that is so, why do we not hear “real” Islam forcefully speaking out against “extreme” Islam? Because it appears they are both the same.

i) Why did we see Muslims dancing in the streets in America on 9/11?
ii) Why do we see Islamic nations as the most oppressive in the world?
iii) Why do we see weekly tallies of death and destruction from Muslims worldwide if the “religion” truly is a religion of peace?

Take a look at the Americans. Their President Obama has removed from us any doubt that he is not one of us by endorsing the Ground Zero mosque. He continually speaks of the importance of Islam in history. Who does he think he’s fooling? Most Americans had never heard of Islam until the first WTC bombing in 1993. Now he, and many Democrats, support the building of a mosque on the grounds of 9/11 by heralding America’s freedom of religion. These same western apologists have never darkened the door of a church but choose to beat down rational, everyday Yanks and English alike who are opposed to the building of a mosque under grounds of freedom of religion!

i) Do they criticize Egypt or Pakistan when Muslims murder Christians?
ii) Do they encourage Saudi Arabia to allow Christians living in that country to be legally able to read the Bible?
iii) Do they reject the waves of Muslim violence that occur every single day?

No; they don’t. But they will be the first to lecture us about the “rights” of Islam in our country.

Islam cannot be afforded the same latitude as traditional English religions because their goals
are not for the common good. The politically correct in England can pretend that Islam is the
religion of peace; but common sense and experience tells us something completely different.

If Islam is indeed the religion of peace, then let Muslims start the peace process by, let’s say, by abandoning the mosque in Dudley which the majority of locals oppose. But bullying their way in under good English values like freedom of religion is no way to build bridges with an angry, frightened English public. But this, being their attitude, looks as ever very unlikely to change and the PC brigade will continue to shame us into keeping quiet for fear of being branded a ‘racist’. So until we are ready as a "whole" country to take a stand as English and England, and with or without violence, say to the cowardly apologist Government:

i) "No More changes!"
ii) "No more apologies for centuries old wars!"
iii) "No More submitting to every whim of anybody who plays the race card!"
iv) “But, most important of all, we want to make it clear to anybody who wants to immigrate or work in our country that when they are here they will abide by our rules, respect our traditions and culture. And if they don’t want to, then they needn’t bother coming because we are not going to lose our identity running around trying to make them feel at home.

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