Tuesday, 26 October 2010

New EDL Video on the Leicester Demo and Press Bias

Excellent EDL video on the demo in Leicester (9th Oct).

Some great analysis of media bias; such as the press and police ignoring large groups of Muslims rioting and throwing missiles at the EDL. In these shots, the UAF/SWP, etc. photographers are pointing away from the Muslim rioters and towards the EDL, which suggests that they wanted the EDL to react so they could blame the EDL for the trouble. But what's worse is than that is the police behaviour in the very same shots. They are giving the Muslims complete free reign and focusing, like the journalists, on the EDL. The next shot pans to the police behaviour towards EDL. All the EDL are doing is getting off a coach only to be met by the police using violence to push them up against the coach.

So we'd expect the journalists to be Islamophiles, but the police? A disgrace!

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