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Monday, 25 October 2010

Letter to the English Defense League, by Rabbi Shifren

- October 25, 2010.

The Rabbi asked me [Morrigan Emaleth] to forward this to Tommy today:

Dear Tommy

Allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your and the EDL's invitation to your country. It is impossible to tell you in a few words the import of my visit and the experiences I will take with me back to America.

Suffice it to say, I never understood the true nature of the EDL until I met them at the Israeli embassy demo. The warmth and the fraternal bond I felt in my talking with the hundreds of your members, from divisions throughout England, was remarkable. You know, the infectious friendless and close camaraderie have turned me into a member--for life!

I must confide: equally as remarkable were the scurrilous denouncements of me and my wish to visit and support the EDL. Way before my departure from the States, the hysteric phone calls warned me not to give a hand to "Nazis and fascists!" Among the most vituperative and libelous came precisely by our "friends" in the leftist Jewish media and liberal wing of the rabbinate. The contrast between the spin and hype with the reality could not have been more striking. Add the warmth and genuine affection shown to me by your many members, and you have a case study in "pre-conceived notions".

Were your members simply blokes at some pub, we could remain good friends. But our union and solidarity takes on a far more profound relationship given the jeopardy in which both of our nations have been placed due to the threats of Islamic Jihad and stealth sharia law in the UK and America. There is clearly only one group at this time that we can count on to confront this growing menace, and that is the EDL.

Tommy, I leave for America in a fortnight. I will carry with me our tremendous friendship along with our mutual resolve to fight for our liberties, democracy, and the sustainability of our Western culture and language. Believe me, I will spare no means or enthusiasm in communicating with my fellow Americans the greatness of purpose and the truthfulness of the nature of your organization. Know one thing: in all my years, I was never more proud of a comrade-in-arms as I was of Kevvy, articulating at length the reasons for support and defense of Israel. Would that the dozens of Jewish organizations, with their multi-million dollar budgets, be as effective a spokesman for the cause of Israel and its security, as was Kevvy's inspiring message.

Please don't hesitate to contact me any time I can be of help. Please relay my best wishes to your wife and kids.

Your friend, Rabbi Shifren--

Rabbi Nachum ShifrenYour Educational CandidateLecturer and Author, Candidate for California State Senate, District http://www.RabbiForSenate.com


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