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Friday, 1 October 2010

A Lesson From the Socialist Workers Party/UAF

Repeat these Truths after me:

1) The EDL is a fascist group. (A variation on ‘the BNP is a fascist party’.)
2) The EDL are Nazi bigots and bigoted Nazis. (A variation on ‘the BNP are Nazi bigots’).
3) The EDL are the foot soldiers of the BNP.
4) Israel is an apartheid state.
5) The EDL is a petty-bourgeois group. (Thanks to Martin ‘Quasimodo’ Smiff.)
6) Fight racism! Fight imperialism! (But not Islamic racism and imperialism… 'browns can't be racist', Chomsky said so.)
7) Smash Islamophobia. (A variation on ‘Smash the BNP’, ‘Smash the National Front’, ‘Smash the Tories’, etc.)
8) Smash the EDL. (Ditto.)
9) EDL are bigoted Nazi fascists.
10) EDL are Nazi fascist bigots.
11) EDL are fascistic bigoted Nazis.
12) Up the Brown Exotics!
13) The UAF/SWP love Muslims and Mohammed is the Seal of the Prophets.
14) InterFaith me.
15) Allahu Akbar and up the workers... right up! They like it up ‘em.
16) Mohammed was a Trotskyist and Trotsky was a Muslim.
17) Allah is working class.
18) Whatever... students say nowadays.
19) Lenin said X about Muslims.
20) The State, the Press, the Media, the EDL, the Media, the Rolling Stones, the Media, are Islamophobic.
21) The Zionist Lobby is in our heads.
22) The Zionist Lobby controls Hamas.
23) Higher salaries for SWP lecturers and professors.
24) There’s nothing British about the SWP.
25) Lower taxes for SWP lecturers and professors.
No parmesan!27) Don’t forget about the Cable Street riots of 1936.
28) Study the 1917 Revolution in great detail.

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