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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Islamic students at top university 'are preaching hard-line extremism,' terror experts warn [from: the Mail Online]

Can you imagine the hell that would be created if a BNP student group was formed in a British university? It wouldn't last a day before students and the UAF destroyed it. Similarly with the EDL. Even Conservative student groups get a fairly hard time from hip, PC students. Students are very Nazi-like in the methods they use to destroy any voices from the right... unless those voices are brown and Muslim!
If you are brown and/or Muslim, you can get away with hell in our universities - even when you call for the destruction of kuffar states and countries. Lecturers and professors simply ignore such things from a fear of being classed as 'Islamophobic' or because they may be transgressing some Marxist or SWP doctrine in doing so.

- By Daily Mail Reporter, 18th October 2010 (from the Mail Online)

Think tank finds evidence of moderate Muslims being radicalised and Jewish students intimidated
Radical Islamic extremism is being openly practised at a leading university campus, a report today claimed.

Think tank Quilliam said they had evidence of hard-line Islamist ideology being promoted through the leadership of the university's student Islamic Society at City University in central London.

The group had intimidated and harassed staff, students and members of minority groups, it was claimed.

A think tank says it has evidence of hard-line Islamist ideology being promoted in City University's Islamic Society (file picture)

The counter-extremism think tank said they had evidence of the president of City University's Islamic Society, (ISoc) openly preaching extremism during prayers held on the campus during the 2009/10 academic year.

They said the president - Saleh Patel, was recorded saying:
'When they say to us 'the Islamic state teaches to cut the hand of the thief', yes it does!

'And it also teaches us to stone the adulterer.
'When they tell us that the Islamic state tells us and teaches us to kill the apostate, yes it does!

'Because this is what Allah and his messenger have taught us and this is the religion of Allah and it is Allah who legislates and only Allah has the right to legislate.'

'When a person leaves one prayer, one prayer intentionally, he should be imprisoned for three days and three nights and told to repent.

'And if he doesn't repent and offer his prayer then he should be killed. And the difference of opinion lies with regards to how he should be killed not as to what he is - a kafir or a Muslim'.

According to students interviewed for the report, the actions of leading members of the ISoc made members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Society (LGBT) feel 'scared'.

Some Jewish students felt 'intimidated', and the group's actions forced ordinary Muslim students to adopt hard-line Islamic practices which led to some Muslim students publishing an open letter complaining that their religion had been 'hijacked' by the ISoc.

Report author Lucy James, said:
'It is deeply shocking that such extremism is being openly promoted on a university campus in central London.

'Such extremism can create dangerous divisions on campuses and, if not tackled, may even lead to terrorism.

'University heads need to recognise this problem and take the lead in tackling it.'

City University London Students' Union released a statement which read:

'The report raises a number of issues so the Students' Union will be in contact with the authors to review the evidence on which the report is based.

'The Students' Union works closely with the University to act in the best interest of its student body and wider University community.'

A spokeswoman for the university added:
'The University is committed to creating as many opportunities for people of different faiths (and indeed of no faith) to meet and engage in honest and respectful dialogue.

'The University and the Students' Union asks that all Students' Union Clubs and Societies - and any external speakers that they invite into the University - abide by its equality and diversity guidelines and values and behaviours.'

'The University works closely with its Students' Union and, on a number of occasions, has offered support to the Students' Union when the Islamic Society has been found to be in breach of these guidelines.

'The University and Students' Union are constantly reviewing their protocols, to ensure...'

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