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Friday, 22 October 2010

Britain Today [video]

And leftists claim that the Islamification of the UK is a 'myth'. That's a favourite word of the SWP and the like. A 'myth' to them is either an unpalatable truth or a non-PC fact. It is a myth because it goes against Marxist or SWP holy dogma.

What will it take to convince these Islamic enblers to see what's right in front of them? Tower Hamlets has already become an Islamic republic... will they still see or report no Islamic evil when Islamism takes over Islington or Hackney? Will it only be real sharia when kuffar hands are chopped off or when Marxist atheists are hung? What proof do these leftists actually require?

The fact is that no amount of evidence will prove the sharia-isation or Islamification of the UK to these people. That is because to admit as much would be to go against the holy dogmas of the SWP or of Marxism generally. You see, Muslims are brown and non-Western. Therefore they must always be victims or classic examples of 'the oppressed'. That status can never change as long as Muslims remain brown and non-Western.

Thus leftists are signing their own death warrants. I give them about ten years before they will begin to admit all these things to themselves and others.

Is Britain already dead? It will be if we stay sat on our arses expecting the Government to do something about it. The Government, at most, only looks between a year and five years ahead. That's the nature of British party politics. Who cares about the future? What matters is being voted in in five or less years. Not to mention the million or more Muslim votes which are up for grabs and have already made numerous politicians debase themselves in front of the Islamic beast in front of them.

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