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This blog used to be called EDL Extra. I was a supporter (neither a member nor a leader) of the EDL until 2012. This blog has retained the old web address.


Friday, 29 October 2010

Hindus Who Support the English Defence League (EDL)

Detailed Info:

The English Defence League (EDL) is an English Nationalist, anti-extremist Islam, anti-Nazi, anti-Communist/leftist group formed in 2009.

Its stated aim is to oppose the spread of Islamisation, Sharia law and Islamic extremism in England.

Let all us Hindus, worldwide, support the EDL, who are fighting to save the UK from the clutches of Islamisation despite all odds being against them.

Hopefully, more such nationalist groups will arise throughout the world!

*) FaceBook Page:!/pages/Hindus-who-support-the-English-Defence-League-EDL/170299619653558?v=wall

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