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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hate Not Hope

This should be read in the light of the fact that Hope Not Hate encouraged Ajax hooligans to 'sort out' the EDL during the rally in Amsterdam.


- A dissenter's post found in the Hope Not Hate website (thanks to Nick Mainwood).

Isn't the right to openly debate, known more commonly as a Human Right & Civil Liberty, of all in a democracy, Hope Not Hate?!

Interestingly Fascist and Communist dictatorships also use the same vetoing principle - i.e.
if we don't like what you say then, you won't have a chance to say it.

Even more interestingly, HnH is an off shoot of Searchlight magazine run by - like myself - a Jew. Yet neither organisation fight anti-Semitism - which can be found in abundance within Leninist organisations such as the UAF and the SWP. (Lenin, of course, being an even greater mass murderer than Hitler, yet still idolised and merchandised by both the UAF and the SWP!) Organisations that both HnH and Searchlight openly support - despite the UAF and the SWP having working links with Islamic terrorist organisations, such as Hamas and Islam4UK. (You know, the Islamic terrorist organisations like the EDL AND moderate UK Islamic and Muslim groups/organisations protest about.)

I agree with the dissenters here HnH. Selectivity is NEVER an option in the fight against racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry and prejudice. It is incumbent on us ALL to fight it wherever it may be found - and it can be found in and between ALL communities, not just white communities. E.G: Japanese-Chinese, African-Caribbean, Polish-Russians, Americans-Canadians, Italians-Sicilians, Turks-Greeks ...

Well I'm sure you get the idea now.

The time has come for HnH and the far-left to TRULY look at it's own dichotomies - i.e. time to stop throwing rocks whilst you live in your glass houses. The dissenters here in this group are right:
you have become everything that you say you're against and employ the same tactics as 'the other side.'

In life we all have choices. Change or remain the same.

What are YOU going to do?!

Hahahahaha shown their true colours now.

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  1. They are scum, scum, scum and they will get their comuppance - at the hands of their beloved pislamists! Just like in Tehran 1979.