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Thursday, 21 October 2010

English Defence League – Israeli Embassy, London, Sunday 24th October 2010

- By the English Defence League (EDL), October 21, 2010

The English Defence League’s planning and liaison team have again being working tirelessly to ensure the planning for Sunday will result in the most peaceful and successful demonstration possible. Below are the details for members who wish to attend the demonstration on Sunday.

We will be mustering at The Hereford Arms, Gloucester Road SW7 4TE between the hours of 12.00 and 14.00. Please note the pub does not open before 12 so if you want some breakfast go somewhere else first.

All members arriving by coach are requested to direct your coach to the muster point for drop of and the police will guide the coaches where to park. To gain an idea of the number of coaches please can you let your regional organiser know if you are organising a coach.

All members arriving by car will need to find a suitable place to park and head for the muster point.

All members arriving by tube are advised to alight at Gloucester Road tube station turn right when you come out and make your way to the muster point.

At 14.00 you will be directed by stewards to the march start point. We will then be marching from the muster point to the Israeli Embassy. During the march please take an average pace feel free to show placards flags, etc. and ensure that our voices are heard loud. The Stewarding team will hold the front line of the march please walk at there pace and do not try to push past.

Upon arrival at the embassy there will be a PA system with speakers etc this is likely to last for about an hour before we then march back to the original location.

As always our Stewarding team will be there to assist with any questions or issues you have. Violence and Racism of any sort will not be tolerated if you are found to be doing this you will be ejected from the demonstration by a steward. If you see anyone being racist or violent in anyway please report them immediately to your nearest steward.

Above all please remember that the stewarding team is made up of loyal core EDL members and are there to ensure a successful day anyone found either physically or verbally assaulting any steward will not be welcome at any future EDL demonstrations.

No Surrender


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